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*That is 10 weeks quicker than your average property transaction.

  • Get certainty on your move date.
  • The zero stress home move.
  • Know you can move forward in 6 weeks.  Guaranteed.
  • All made super simple with our intelligent home move helper app.

Property legals done in

6 Weeks. 


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"But how can you guarantee I can complete in 6 weeks?"

Meet Buddy.  

Your friendly home move helper. 

Buddy is our secret weapon in giving you the

6 week Keyzee Guarantee. Shhhhhhh!

Buddy is with you, 

where ever you go.

By answering a few simple questions, we create a personalised list of documents your buyer will need.

We help you identify the paperwork you will need to dig out.

Any explain clearly why this is important.

Any what to do if you can't find it.

Be Sale Ready

Your personalised 

Document Vault

You can upload your documents from your computer. 

Or just take a picture from your phone.

Whatever is easiest for you.

Keyzee Legals 

in 6 weeks guaranteed

Stunning value and... 

Simply good value. Delivered to


  • Regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority

  • Committed to dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s without causing you pain.

  • Committed to superfast service.

Keyzee Legals Delivered by the good guys.

Keyzee property lawyers are all... 

  • Simple flat fees.  

  • No hidden costs to surprise you.

  • Fair and transparent

Legal paperwork done...

  • Upfront Searches to stop you waiting weeks.

  • No legal jargon to deal with.

  • Confidence in when you'll be able to move.

Your Keyzee move in 6 Weeks. Guaranteed


Ruth Looooves Keyzee!

Ruth needs to move into the school catchment area so that Billy can settle into the right school from the very first day of term. 

With their second on the way, Ruth and Dave need to find a bit more space and on top of all that they could really use a garage. 

Being able to move quickly on any property that meets their needs was really important for these guys.

When Ruth spoke to their estate agent, she was advised to use Keyzee to get themselves move ready

With an easy to use app it was just a few chats to get their personalised document vault with step by step instructions on what they needed to prepare.

Because Dave was away Ruth didn't get everything done immediately.  When her personal MoveHero came round all the loose ends were tied up over a cup of tea, keeping her on track.  

When the first offer came in, Ruth and Dave were massively excited.  It was a little over the asking price, so they had a good chance to get the house they'd been eyeing up.  

They asked their Estate Agents to only provide Keyzee Certified buyers, so they knew the offer was from a family who could really 

make this happen. 

With the Kezyee 6 Week guarantee they set their move date 6 weeks to the day exactly. That gave them plenty of time to settle in before the new school year and the new baby. 

The Keyzee Moveday service from Pickfords meant that all the stress was taken out of the move and they could focus on the important things.  Like getting a new kitten.

Making the home moving process better isn't just about improving the process.  

Sometime, just being the friendly ear is enough to make a big difference.

Just email with literally any of your home move woes, and see how we respond. ;)

Our service is designed to make your home move easy peasy lemon Keyzee.  

Everything we do, we do it for you.

If you've got any ideas how we can improve, just tell us!

One of the biggest frustrations movers have with standard property lawyers is that they're more slippery than an eel in jelly when it comes to giving a date you can actually move. 

We provide clarity on your move day from the moment you have an offer.  We even help you guesstimate the moment your property is for sale.

So, have we convinced you yet?

Some of the work we're doing with the wider industry...



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