We get you from offer to keys as quickly as possible, no stress!

Less painful home moving.

Keyzee is all about less admin and more fun while you're moving home.  Our Home mover tools will get you moved 4 weeks sooner and with half the stress.

The average conveyancing process takes 16 weeks. 

By completing much of the time consuming work upfront that usually only happens once you have agreed a sale, we help you move 4 weeks sooner!

Asking you simple questions, we create a personalised list of documents your buyer will need.

How does Keyzee get you moving?

We do searches on your property before you even get an offer so your buyer doesn't need to.  

We help you and your buyer arrange a convenient day to complete on your house sale up to 4 weeks sooner.

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Moving house, more quickly.

We will help you do this for free.  Yes.  Really.


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We are unregulated and thoroughly nice. 



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