We've felt the pain of moving home.  We want to fix that.


Hugo and Sally were introduced by a friend of a friend.  Why?  Because we had a shared dream.  To make home moving quick and simple and even... FUN!

Having lead a large conveyancing firm, she knows how painful it is for everyone in the process, especially the home movers.

Having sat on the beach in Mexico reading Conveyancing textbooks, he now knows a lot about conveyancing.

Hugo has decades of experience creating innovations focused on making people happier.  

One Innovator, One Solicitor.  Both passionate about Conveyancing.

Sally was an actual, real life conveyancer. She know's it all.  From restrictive covenants to rights of light.

He's on his 5th house move, so he's felt the pain, a lot. 

Sally is particularly keen to make this process actual fun.  That is some ambition people!

Find out more now!

Moving house, more quickly.

We will help you do this for free.  Yes.  Really.





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