We've felt the pain of moving home.  We want to fix that.


We're here to make moving home quick, easy and even fun!

For Home Movers

We exist to empower you, home movers. Using technology and a big dollop of common sense we get you from offer to key exchange quickly and without stress.

There’s enough going wrong in the world. We think your home move doesn’t need to be other tragedy. And the really good news is that this problem is small enough that we can actually fix it!

When you use Keyzee for your house move you’re being really clever and getting to your key swapping 4 weeks sooner. But we like to think of ourselves as more of a spa than a racecar, so along the way we do absolutely everything we can to make your move stress free. From crossing all of our fingers and toes together all the way through to staying up all night.

Oh Yes, because we’re super nice, we stay up all night just waiting for your question about ‘engrossed transfers’ and ‘indemnity policies’. After we’ve allayed your fear, we sing you a lullaby to get you back to sleep.  

Now, wasn’t that easy Keyzee?

You’re welcome.

For Estate Agents

We exist to get your clients moved faster so they love you more. Your sales progression team get better insights and your cashflow improves.

You guys get a rough time. Everyone blames you for the delays, when you’re doing everything you can to hurry the chain along. Well, good news. We’re here to make your life Keyzee.

We’re not going to ask you to log into yet another system that doesn’t quite work. We’re not going to ask you to sell more. Instead, we’re going to give you a weekly update on how your vendors are progressing themselves and scaffolding to make sure your carefully built sales don’t collapse.  

And, when it’s all done and dusted, your customers are going name their children after you.

You’re welcome. 

We exist to empower home movers to help you. No more missing forms and delays caused by clients who don’t understand what you need.  

We’re not asking for you to change what you do, or to use a complicated system. We’re just going to give you all the documents you were going to ask the vendor for in whatever format works for you. 

Together, we’re going to make conveyancing less headache, more value.

You’re welcome.

For Conveyancers

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Moving house, more quickly.

We will help you do this for free.  Yes.  Really.





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We are unregulated and thoroughly nice. 

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